hLz2SfSW_400x400My name’s Nicole Ricken, and I am a singer-songwriter, public speaker, writer, photographer, childhood cancer advocate, traveler, and free spirit, among other things. A Chicago native, I currently reside in sunny Los Angeles and am pursuing degrees in Psychology, French, and Songwriting at the University of Southern California.

This website is a creative space for me to share my art and thoughts with whomever wanders my way. For a moment, you can view the world through my lens, and I hope you find a piece of art that strikes something within you. I am constantly evolving, constantly unearthing and discovering different parts of myself through my music and writing. It is a never-ending process, and I feel infinitely blessed to share this artistic and human experience with you.

If there is one thing above all I can teach you — be good to your brothers and sisters! 

Choose kindness.

That is all. Have a wonderful day.