Music has been my constant companion and purest form of self-expression for as long as I can recall. My life changed irreversibly the moment I strummed my first guitar chord at ten years old, when it became apparent to me that music would be a gateway to realizing my lifelong aspiration of beautifying the world. Since then, I have dedicated countless hours to mastering my trade, building up a substantial audience, and playing music for those willing to listen. By the end of high school, I had recorded music at Chicago and Virginia recording studios, written the theme song for an Emmy award-winning childhood cancer documentary, appeared in a televised music program at Lurie Children’s hospital, performed at local festivals and national events, hosted multiple music nights at the Lurie Children’s Ronald McDonald House, and even opened for the Plain White T’s at Curefest on the National Mall in Washington, D.C..

Music began as a hobby and evolved into a purpose. The moment I started dedicating my talents to worthy causes was a major turning point in my life and career. There is no greater satisfaction than watching sick children laugh with joy as they dance to your music in the crowd, moving a bereaved parent to tears, or staying late at the Ronald McDonald House to let the kids play your instruments for themselves after your performance. Music, simply, is an endless journey of self-discovery and service that adds a whole new layer of meaning to my life. Music is my magic, and my life would be incomplete without it.

Here are some links to my music: