To the Good Souls in a Harsh World

This post is dedicated to those of you who remain good, kind, and loving, even when this strange and beautiful world cannot be good, kind, and loving to you. You are not alone.


I’ve had some new thoughts arise lately, particularly in response to some small disappointments. I hate to say it, but it feels as if I’m pretty consistently met with people who challenge my strength, temperament, and empathy, those who try to take advantage of my good nature. I truly love to give people the benefit of the doubt whenever I can, but my soft heart can only be mishandled and mistreated so many times before it gives up and retreats. So, as I always do when I find myself sinking into this kind of sadness, I do my best to make light of the situation, remembering that although hate seems to be such an ever-present force in this world, it can never really drive the love out of my heart. Love is what I came here to do after all, and even in moments like these when my faith in humanity runs low, I feel the love pulsing through my veins.

Being human is not always sunshine and rainbows, but I’m determined to make the most of it, extracting as much wisdom as I can from my earthly experiences. I’ve learned that not everyone will understand my purpose. Not everyone will reciprocate my kindness, and not everyone will love me or speak the truth. But that is okay. I am confident in my mission to plant seeds of love and kindness everywhere on this earth, and when it feels as if the world has turned its back on me, I remain steadfast in my purpose, continuing onward against the current. Whatever obstacles may appear, I am resilient and self-reliant, remembering that at the end of the day all I have is my own soul to fall back on. Anything can be stripped away at any moment, people will come and go, but what remains is my beating heart, reminding me that I’m alive, guiding me through the dark.

When the going gets rough, I allow myself to take a step back. This path I walk, though long and winding at times, has led me to spectacular places I had only dreamt of years ago. I would be foolish not to hold gratitude in my heart for my life and all the opportunities that have presented themselves along the way. Although this journey may be nowhere near perfect, I believe it is this imperfect culmination of both good and bad that makes it real. It makes it human. Over time, I’ve even found the lows to be as formative as the peaks, since they offer a fresh perspective and so many opportunities for growth. If you ever find yourself in these valleys, feeling as if the world has forgotten how to love you, do not let the momentary darkness lead you astray from your true self and benevolent nature. It is only temporary. Remember that when the world is not forgiving, you still are. When the world is not patient, you still are. When the people you love have forgotten how to love you, love them regardless, with a fierceness and unconditionality that they may never know. Let your warmth continue to thaw the icy hearts of those around you. Allow your love to radiate, and stretch your arms outward to those in need of your kind touch. You are a lot more capable than you realize. You are everything you need and more.